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"Jinan barbecue " fun

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On next roads, the friend calls come over, say to be in stage a east " Jinan barbecue " wait for me, let me drive the past at top speed, the barbecue over there says with Jinan word is really " bar contest comes " .

  taxi driver but true god, it is an all-purpose map simply! I say " Jinan barbecue " , he replies immediately " know " , he tells me, this inn but fire, coming a few years is the client is filled with the door everyday, he often sends a guest there.
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  car is in stage east abduct comes abduct goes, roadside a very old door head, let me know " Jinan barbecue " arrived. This is a very little road, besides the pedestrian, the driveway is illogical basically car, roadside is putting ten roundlet desk, every desk is 35 people, young men and women is more in them, everybody places small campstool to surround sit together, drink beer on draft, eat roast meat. A few pieces of tables are done not have instead in true little public house, there is what adornment in inn, very shabby, feel sanitation is very poor. Listen to inn small 2 introductions, the barbecue here is strung together very small, the flesh of peanut size is worn go up in iron hammer drill, the oil on besmear, go up in charcoal furnace of the rectangle again and again, the side side that bake is scattered on condiment, zi like that, salt and chili pink are scattered to the flesh, can vacate a Bai Yan immediately, fragrance also diffuses to the village around. The sort of barbecue is very much, the neck of wing of waist of hotpot, sheep, board muscle, chicken, chicken, shrimp that bake is waited a moment, also have fried dish and cold dish additionally, it is some of food that makes very simply, easily. Here, the guest does not need to order dishes, baked thing is to press " batch " give heat, counterjumper is carrying a big tray, it is same inside of a breed string string, cross back and forth in teapoy caboodle, peddle ceaselessly in the mouth: String come! Shrimp comes! Pass a little while to be able to carry another variety again, ask everywhere: Board muscle comes, perhaps bake shrimp to come... , if the guest nods, counterjumper catchs to put down go, but much but little.
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  makes what my click of the tongue says to surprise most is the settle accounts means here, the empty hammer drill that remain eats by counterjumper check the amount when settle accounts, when burying sheet, need to count hammer drill only direct cipher out money number, it is convenient very. The price of fried dish and dish of cold and dressed with sause is distinguishing, doohickey is on dish, dish has the branch of size circumference, fund calculates by appearance when settle accounts. Most absolutely the pattern that is the hammer drill that string together the flesh is distinguishing, common fine iron hammer drill 3 Mao Yi is strung together, thick flat hammer drill looks suddenly same, when looking carefully, just know to also have distinction, forceps have pigheaded flower, branch line, number of channels is diverse, the price is different also, baking small fish is two, calculate, the shrimp that bake 3, calculate two, more absolutely is the baked wheaten cake that bake, wear two hammer drill, together, another two, calculate 5!
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