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Jinan 1000 Fosan temple fair

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1000 Fosan scenery is pretty, the history is long, it is Jinan 3 names get the better of one of reaching burning incense bethel. Deep fall red-letter day, full hill red autumnal leaves sheds red, chrysanthemum scatters gold, loose Bai Xiecui, attractive scenery, admire chrysanthemum cliff " to go up to be able to be being admired at Shan Dian " , so annual 99 " of " weigh in relief section, have large quantities of bookman poet, carry wine of the fruit of medicinal cornal, carry chrysanthemum cake to mountaineer admire chrysanthemum. The tribute side famous writer ever was in Ming Dynasty " 9 days ascend 1000 Fosan temple " in say: "Dan Feng back mountain is straight, hang down fat " of cliff violet chrysanthemum. What saying is solid, side of 1000 Fosan north and south has Dan Feng, Huang Lu, every arrive the autumn, xie Gong is like glow, glow. Want to say Shan Ju, full hill all is, color has red, white, violet, yellow, it is beautiful with yellow especially, bloom seasonal, contend for fragrant bottle colourful, cool breeze Xu is blown, fragrance tangy, make popular feeling drunk. This day, will to the pine on hill fall, drinking beautiful wine, admiring wild chrysanthemum, chant is worn line, pour an immortal truly. Zhu Zhao of clear person of no less than " uprise of hill of all previous of wine of take along of colleague of the section that weigh this world " Shi Suoyun:

Idle enrols two 3 friend, bacchic hill south.

Below static Xi Gaosong, between wild chrysanthemum of sweet lean close to.

Yuan Dai Chengzong, calm in March 3, in September 9 pass at each city county offer sacrifices to 3 emperor- - person of Fu Xi, flint, god farming. Here, the monk inside the temple conducts Buddhist ceremony activity, cigarette winds around, via acoustical Buddha date, charm of raise of bell strong and pervasive fragrance. It is day, VIPs, male letter of be apt to female, salty will cense kowtow do obeisance to, next You Shan is admired scene, civilian common people also comes devotional prayer, beg deities blesses. To answer sacred need, the merchant is taking in season commodity to come into hill. From now on, 1000 Fosan also by pure bookman uprise, the temple fair that turned each estate elk into collect, this kind of custom already follow several dynasty.

In former days, temple fair while is very long, plunge into on the meeting have decorated tent, call big play 3 days. Have circus class additionally, become magic, make fun of monkey to wait. Place booth to peddle, bestrew hill to meet. Sell article wait for zero things for paper of joss sticks and candles, fire, homebred mountain products more. During temple fair, have blind faith in acme feudality, come fane is entered sweet person confused like that. Still have clothes sending Buddha, send bed-curtain, those who send embroider the shoe, those who promise, of pin cloth baby wait.

Right now, what still have the cake that do chrysanthemum, alcoholic drink that carry chrysanthemum is consuetudinary. Personage of Jinan all circles, china and foreign countries watchs smooth tourist, compotation 1000 Fosan, business circles also has a holiday one day, in order to use up interest in going on an excursion. This day, heavy traffic, road does it congest, to resolve mountain-climbing difficulty, return stock hill bridge, can ascend to the summit.
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