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"The brigade in harbor " garrison Jinan travel market

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Our newspaper Jinan on November 18 dispatch 18 days, branch of Jinan of group of the brigade in harbor holds practice ceremony. This means the force in the harbor that regards our country as company of the biggest travel market of travel of Jinan of make one's bow.

This is me province travel department invites brand travel orgnaization " peddle " provincial of strategy of brand travel circuitry specific carry out. Resource of my province travel is very rich, but do far not quite in the respect such as resource conformity and development deepness. As tourism group " aircraft carrier " the brigade in harbor is garrisoned I save provincial capital Jinan, but effectively travels my province such as father-in-law, Qu Fu the most important humanitarian history resource and " free swim " circuit it is good to push circuit newly to pack, develop new line at the same time, implementation saves the better collocation of travel resource completely.

According to predicting, 2008 after Beijing Olympic Games, my province will be become enter a country one of travel destination of tourist first selection. Province tourism bureau says at developing a director: "If the Shandong after the Olympic Games is not the destination of first selection travel of the tourist outside the condition, the sale work that explains I am saved is done not quite still. " accordingly, I save as strong as implementation of group of the brigade in harbor strong combination, it is very important to begin to develop an Olympic Games to swim. To this, the troops in harbor expresses grumous interest.

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