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"Small golden week " travel sales promotion is busy

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Jinan daily on March 14 dispatch (Tao Dongye of reporter Zhao Yingming's trainee) be aimed at coming many " small golden week " , large quantities of nonlocal scene areas begin to come thick and fast aid sales promotion, some is even inside the time that is less than a month two Cilaiji, achieve come new record of aid travel sales promotion.

General office of the State Council issues an announcement today, tomb-sweeping day has a holiday 3 days, this is hind of beginning of spring the first " small golden week " . In after this May, in June, our country still will be greeted " 51 " and " upright midday " two " small golden week " . The personage inside course of study thinks generally, execute " small golden week " after the system, short line tourist will increase in, long term the tourist may decrease. For this, a lot of scene areas begin country increase the sales promotion strength of market of short line passenger source in be opposite. This morning, limited company of tall travel of management board of Nanjing Zhongshan cemetery and Nanjing heart is organized " long triangle " large quantities of scene areas come aid centers sales promotion. Inside the time that is less than a month before this, management department of trade of two city travel and enterprise already were in Yangzhou, Zhenjiang aid has held travel sales promotion to meet, announce with Jinan, Zi rich, Tai'an cooperates, each other opens travel straight have transport service.

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