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Dish filar cake

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Dish filar cake, make green oil again dish filar cake. Green oil is relative to animal oil character, come with peanut oil commonly decoct bake in a pan. "Dish silk " it is the imprisonment characteristic that points to this cake, it is the gum that uses a convention east make noodles by drawing out the dough by hand is made. Reach face pull out extremely fine, fine if send silk, again Pan Chengyuan cake, friend name dish silk. This also is made key, pull out of make noodles by drawing out the dough by hand 7, 8 buckle, fine face silk can amount to more than 1000. To prevent the adhesion of face silk, want to brush more peanut oil, reassume silk of a bundle of face, cut off, pan Chengyuan dish form, the half decoct in putting oil the maturity that half bake in a pan makes. Before eating, to highlight " dish silk " characteristic, should will already what bake in a pan becomes is yellow fragile " gold-rimmed " pat medicinal powder, make do not become cake entity. Medicinal powder in v/arc sale at reduced prices, sa Shangqing red silk, white sugar is become namely.

Dish filar cake is fragile crisp sweet, it is the top grade mug-up on banquet, also be Jinan is famous and fastfood.

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