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Jinan roast duck

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Jinan roast duck, the history is long. Clear acting round of drinks strokes the kitchen inside goverment office in feudal China to also be characteristic with this. Roast duck place is force-feed duck with raw material, posture is plump, the flesh is qualitative delicate, hypodermic and adipose thicker.

The making craft of roast duck is very complex and fastidious, encourage via the roast duck embryo after is being machined to need to pass first, draw out chamber, wash chamber, link up with, very hot skin, hang candy, bask in water of skin, fill, bake make wait for much talk working procedure, day of 1~3 of last a period of time (differ along with season and different) just can make. Gong Liang of finished product colour and lustre, leather fragile flesh is tender. Eat roast duck to be tasted necessarily have lotus leaf cake (duck cake) , a sweet sauce made of fermented flour, green Chinese onion paragraph, still can match with cucumber, turnip etc.

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