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Clear soup a photograph of whole family

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Jinan name dish. Multi-purpose at the old person birthday birth, newly-married the month of cover of festival, baby, festival party that joins the home to reunite. This dish uses clear soup modulation, friend name " of a photograph of whole family of " clear soup.

Shandong dish has original place to the modulation of clear soup, came 100000, element enjoys high reputation. Clear soup is raw material with pig upper part of a leg of pork, hen, fat duck, after using flourishing internal heat first, stew with slow fire boil, via two " Qing Dynasty after chirp " , clear see an end, soup bright flavour is mellow. It is condiment with clear soup, the " of a photograph of whole family of " clear soup that deserves to fizzle out to be in charge of modulation and be become with reins of gizzard of liver of waist of holothurian, fim, maw, tendons of beef, duck, duck, chicken, shelled fresh shrimps, pig, pig, collect expects more at one food, shang Xian is delicious, often serve as high-grade banquet press desk dish.


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