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List of Chinese tourist cities of China Urban Development Summit held in Jinan

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2010 List of Chinese tourist cities of China Urban Development Summit yesterday (19th) held in Jinan. The summit is the "2010 list of Chinese cities - a global tourist cities in China recommended by Internet users," an important part of activities in the Asia Pacific Tourism Organization, the authority of the domestic tourism industry experts and recommended short-listed global Internet users top 20 tourist cities in China attended the summit and around the theme of urban tourism to city and the relationship between tourism, urban tourism development were also discussed exchanges. Recommended Internet users in Jinan City of China in the global tourism city in the activities of the top 20 finalists, but also caused great concern experts.
Jinan Tourism Bureau Tie aim at an interview, said the finalists in Jinan City, Jinan City is both persistent result of tourism development planning travel, but also the provincial capital and regional cities to play a dominant reflected. He said: "The global Internet users recommend Chinese tourist cities, Jinan has been short-listed the top 20, which is the development of Jinan, Jinan, for the publicity to raise awareness of Jinan is a very good news. In recent years, under the leadership of the municipal government , increased the intensity of urban construction and management, so that the face of ever-changing city, the city changes, quality improvement brought Jinan travel, travel to Jinan is the spring trip to the Springs forward. "