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2010 Thirteenth Xuzhou Han Investment Fair and the Fourth Cultural Tourism Fes

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The evening of October 23, 2010, a three-day investment conference in China Xuzhou thirteenth Chinese Cultural Tourism Festival and the Fourth opening ceremony kicked off in the Yunlong Lake. More than a thousand guests at home and abroad to witness this glorious moment. Cao Xinping CPC Xuzhou Municipal Party Committee Secretary on behalf of the municipal government welcoming address. Opening ceremony, held the "Chinese Engineering Machinery" ceremony. Xuzhou Construction Machinery manufacturers with the most domestic, comprehensive largest, most extensive coverage, the highest concentration of industry and other advantages, become the only two cities to receive this title. Then at the "Han Ying Seduction" song and dance show performed outdoors in the Concert Hall Plaza. In days for the screen, to the mountain for the screen, the water table, highlight the natural beauty of modern Xuzhou, the use of a large number of new technologies, create high- tech visual feast. Entire party through the "order" through the ages Nightlife ", the article" Han Yun Feng Ying, "Xia Pian" Colorful flying ", the end of the" Golden Age Fame "," four chapters, highlighting the Xuzhou mountains and rivers, charming modern style city . Xuzhou, China, 2010 in accordance with the thirteenth and Investment Fair "consolidate Hong Kong-owned, the main Taiwanese capital, breaking the European Union," the general idea, to promote investment cooperation and trade negotiations, more than 1,000 guests were invited, including the cities of Xuzhou and friendly guests, Embassy and Consulate Museum officials, diplomatic representatives and the relevant foreign trading companies and universities, educational cooperation agencies, mainly from the United States, Germany, Japan, Korea and other countries. Merchants in the invitation, the "555" enterprises 123, 148 customers, of which 23 Fortune 500 companies, 43 of 500 domestic enterprises, 50 enterprises in 57 industries. Such as South Korea's Samsung Group, Sweden Kalmar, Auchan supermarket group and the country in the Heavy Industry, the National Group and other companies are able to attend. October 23, Xuzhou International Education Cooperation Forum launched. Relevant foreign universities, educational cooperation agencies responsible for about 80 people freely about educational cooperation in Xuzhou. 24 am, the organizers will focus on accelerating the pace of revitalization, to create "investment in Xuzhou, innovation Xuzhou, Xuzhou tourism" in the comprehensive investment recommendation made at the image display, a number of large projects will be signed at the meeting. In the afternoon, the first international education cooperation Xuzhou exhibition will be held at the City Museum of Art. Educational institutions from abroad introduce its education system and universities, study abroad policies and their school characteristics and advantages of Xuzhou and the surrounding area for students interested to study abroad with foreign educational institutions to provide opportunities for distance communication. 25 morning, Xuzhou China Venture Forum and the students, "the passion of Xuzhou Pengcheng business," pioneering project in Xuzhou City, the first students online promotion of the people held the stage. By then, the municipal organization of the units in the project online promotion, the results show, for policy advocacy and provide comprehensive consulting services. And "Thirteen Fair" held in conjunction with the Fourth of Chinese Culture and Tourism Festival has three bright spots, one will be held, "Huaihai economic zone tourist branch of the" first annual meeting. The second is to carry out more than 20 cities in Huaihai Economic Zone Tourism Bureau, general manager of hundreds of travel activities in Xuzhou, Xuzhou to further expand the tourism market, tourism industry in close interaction Huaihai economic zone. The third is carried out in Xuzhou Han culture area "to experience the ancient culture of the traditional entertainment Week" activities. Among them, the "ancient traditional culture experience fun week" will be the ancient sports competition show based entertainment activities, interspersed with acrobatic performances Han Dynasty, ancient and modern entertainment, including sports, Guqin tea display, which serves Chinese and Colorful clothing and so on. Competition in the entertainment "game" - Cuju, "Rope" Swing, Zousuo, "Power Technology" - angle arrived, Stone Lock "technology investment" - such as investment pot, and one set of antagonistic and fun. Han Yi Colorful Show, will allow ordinary people to embark on Jiangsu TV's "I am the star" section the stage, inviting players to the part of Xuzhou in the area within the Division of Chinese clothing walking down the catwalk show, show their best side. Xuzhou is located in the center of the Sulu Yu-wan four provinces, is an important hub in eastern China city of productive forces in the country has a connection thing, communication north and south, two-way opening up the gradient to promote the unique location advantage. Xuzhou Guanyin Airport now has become a national first-class open ports, all through the upcoming 2011 Beijing-Shanghai Express Railway will Xuzhou is located in the Yangtze River Delta and Bohai Bay economic circle with the two major advantages of the Ministry of play greatly. Xuzhou in recent years, relying on the basis of traditional industries, vigorously promote the resources of the city's transformation and upgrading, so that the former "coal city" reborn, becoming the most powerful of all machinery, new energy base and agricultural advantages of green areas. On October 22 in the latest statistical bulletin, Xuzhou economic growth and export growth are located in Jiangsu the first place.